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Freight Quotes at your fingertips.  Get shipping rates and freight quotes from our team of experts!
Freight Quotes at your fingertips

Get shipping rates and freight quotes from our team of experts!

Bartel Shipping provides the finest freight forwarding customer service on the web with our freight quotes helpdesk. By filling out our easy to use quote forms, getting freight quotes is easy and fast. Just pick the appropriate form for your pending shipment, fill out thoroughly and submit. A shipping agent will dynamically receive your request as you dynamically receive a computer generated confirmation and ticket number in your e-mail. Use this number to track your quote and your shipment with Bartel. Our agents will then review your info and calculate rates, getting back to you asap. *In order for this system to work properly, please include a valid email address and phone number when submitting our forms. Please submit each form only once.

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What you need to know- Service vs Price

Before you get a quote with one of our logistics professionals you should understand the importance of great service as opposed to the lowest price. Bartel Shipping offers the most competitive rates in the industry on air freight and ocean freight to our customers. However, we pride ourselves on offering the finest most personalized logistics services anywhere. No one in the industry will pay such close attention to detail on behalf of your freight...no one! Consider this when dealing with our logistics professionals. Our stable of online logistics pro's combine to offer over 200 years of experience in the industry..something to think about!

Bartel Quoting policy

Bartel Shipping cannot deliver accurate quotes without the following information:
Origin address of goods
Destination address of goods
Weight, dimensions # of pcs.
Phone Number
Contact Name and address
Email address
Quote inquiries with inadequate or false information will not be answered. Please do not submit inquiries if you do not have this information.

Avoid costly nightmares!

Bartel Shipping could write a book of logistics horror stories! Hundreds of disgruntled customers have come to us for help, all victims of discount forwarders who could care less about service. Lost freight, hidden charges, horrible customer service, indifferent managers..we have heard it all. Bartel is the cure for all your logistics woes with unsurpassed customer service and attention to detail
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